Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This weeks coupon trip pt 1

I have my Rite Aid shopping list ready and am hoping to get all my diapering needs covered for the next few weeks.  I am expecting to get around $112.00 worth of product for about $70 and also get about $35.00 in Up Rewards to use next week.   I am making an investment now and hope to keep rolling the Up rewards from now on.  So next week my aim is to get $100 worth of product for $70 and use my $35 Up Rewards and get another $30 in Up rewards.  If I can keep doing this I can get $100 of product a week for just $35 out of Pocket.  Some weeks I will spend less, it all depends what is on sale and what I need.

Before Coupons I estimate that I have been spending about $50 - $60 a week for a family of 4 on health and beauty, cleaning, Diapers etc...
Bath Tissue
Paper Towels
Body Wash
Zip Locks
Tooth Paste
Tooth Brushes
Band Aids
Dishwasher Powder
Laundry detergent
All Purpose cleaner

So with Coupons and Up Rewards, It may be possible to start saving up to $1,500 a year.  I think anyone reading this will agree this is huge.

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