Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting out couponing

I have used a coupon now and again but I have never been serious about it.  Now the kids will be in school soon and I will have the time to go to a couple of stores without having to get 2 kids in and out of car seat.  I am going to try and get a bit more serious about using coupons.  I am researching at the moment and found a blog with some great tips to get started.

I have subscribed to the local Sunday paper to see if it's worth it for the news and what I save in coupon.  I figure if I can save $5 a month in coupons then it's a free paper.

I also subscribed to All You magazine.  This is supposed to be really good for coupons.

The next step is to keep and eye on the grocery store and pharmacy fliers to see what's on sale.  I am going to start out by sticking to the cleaning and beauty items at first and see if I can get any items that I use at a good price or free.

Another website I found that might help is

I'll be keeping track of my spending over the next few weeks before the kids start school and comparing it to when I am using coupons. 

I'll post the savings here.

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  1. Very interesting. I have not used coupons much but after reading your post it sounds like something I am willing to try. I just don't have much time and should probably get organized and find a bit of time. Thanks for the great post. New follower from Thursdays blog hop. Hop you follow back.