Monday, August 15, 2011

My First Shopping Trip with Serious Coupons

Today I made my 1st attempt to get some serious deals with coupons.

I bought 2 different local papers this weekend to get the coupons.  I actually enjoyed reading the papers too so it's good to know there wasn't waste there and lets face it the papers only cost $3.50 and you get that back in coupons so easily.

My first couponing trip was to Rite Aid.  I checked with this site before I went and did the best match-ups I could with only coupons from one week of inserts.  In the future the deals will get even better as I build a full body of coupons. 

I just put everything I bought into a spreadsheet and figuring in the sales, Up Rewards and Single Check Rebates.  I managed to get $77.87 worth of useful product for just $28.53  that's a savings of $49.34, this is great.  I will be heading to Shoprite this week too to see what deals I get there. 

I can't wait till next week and see what more deals I can get.

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