Friday, August 12, 2011

Rite Aid Deals

I have a Riteaid just down the street from me that I am finding out I don't pay enough attention to.  I currently get all my household shopping at Hannaford and I am starting to realize that I am throwing money away.  My local Rite Aid stocks many of the grocery items that I am buying at Hannaford but with much better deals and some great saving opportunities.

I wanted to make a note here of some of the ways that I have found so save at Rite Aid.   This blog is a great way for me to keep all of the info I am finding in one place and if it helps a few other people to save money then great.

Rite Aid has a single check rebate (SCR) program that I knew nothing about until I started browsing around the web.  I will be keeping all my receipts from now on and maybe switching brands to match up with the rebates.  When you combine the rebates with the Rite Aid Up Rewards and manufactuter coupons you really can get something for free or almost free.

They also have a Video Values program.  Just watch a few very short videos to entitle you to some great printable coupons.  You can combine these with Up Rewards, SCR and manufacturer coupon for even more savings.

How great is this.  I am just starting out with the whole couponing things and I am amazed what is out there that I didn't know about.

My grocery bill is about $150 a week right now.  If I can bring that down with coupons it really is like earining a wage.  By spending time on the computer looking for deals I am freeing up money that my family can use for other things, like a trip to Sesame place.

I am looking forward to getting my first local Sunday paper and checking out what I can save.

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