Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Daily Dose

I have a list of categories that I want to try and get at least one thing done in for each day. 

1. Cleaning
2. Organizing
3. Fitness
4. Diet
5. Grocery Shopping Deals
6. Other Shopping Deals
7. Kids, shopping,  activities, meals, ets...

I have been following a lot of blogs and I am starting to get overwhelmed with all the great info that's out there.  This blog is an attempt for me to get all that info in one place and really do something with it.  I will be posting links to blogs that I find with great tips and ideas that I want to go back to later. 

This means that if yoiu follow me and I find something that I find helpful in your website, I will comment and put a link here.  As this site grows you could get some promo and some great advice and info.

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