Thursday, October 6, 2011

How I roll at Rite Aid Oct 2 - Oct 8

I am going to start posting this every week, I am hoping to get the post ready a little earlier next week but I want to test things out and make sure they work before I put it on here.

I love shopping in Rite Aid and enjoy working out the best way to take advantage of the +Up Rewards, Video Values and Single Check Rebates that the store offers along with the coupons that are in the Sunday papers.   My Rite Aid circular arrives on a Thursday each week and to me it's a math puzzle to be solved.  I aim to figure out the best way to roll the +Up Rewards and get the most I can for the least amount Out of Pocket (OOP)

This week was a good week and here is how I did it.

Transaction 1
Buy 2 Pantene Conditioner/Shampoo ($3.50 each)
Buy 2 Covergirl Powder ($7.99 each)
Buy 4 Covergirl Concealer ($5.49 each)
Buy 2 Halls Soothers ($1.50 each)
Covergirl is BOGO 1/2 off
Total before coupons $38.46
-(3) $8/2 Covergirl Face (P&G 10/2/11)
-(1) $3/2 Pantene (RP 9/25/11)
-(1) $1/2 Halls (SS 9/18/11)
Total OOP after coupons $10.46
Get $11.00 in +Up Rewards

Transaction 2
Buy 1 Scope Mouthwash ($4.00)
Buy 2 Dove Shampoo ($3.50 each)
Buy 2 Dove Conditioner ($3.50 each)
Buy 1 Dove Deodorant ($3.99)
Total before coupons $21.99
-(1) $1.50 Scope Mouthwash (P&G 10/2/11)
-(2) BOGO free Dove shampoo & conditioner (RP 10/2/11)
-(1) $0.75 Dove Deodorant (RP10/2/11)
Total after coupons $12.74
Use $11.00 +Up from Last transaction
Total OOP $1.74
Get $7.50 in +Up Rewards

Transaction 3
Buy 2 Gillette Body Wash ($4.00 each)
Buy 2 Dove Shampoo ($3.50 each)
Buy 2 Dove Conditioner ($3.50 each)
Total before coupons $22.00
-(2) $2.00 Gillette body wash (P&G 10/2/11)
-(1) $2.00 Dove Hair Care Video Values
-(2) BOGO Free Dove (RP 10/2/11)
Total after coupons $9.00
Use $7.50 +Up Rewards
Total OOP $1.50
Get $7.00 +Up rewards

Transaction 4
Buy 1 Oral B Battery toothbrush ($5.99)
-(1) $3.00 oral B toothbrush (P&G 10/2/11)
Total $2.99
Use $2.00 +Up from Gillette purchase
Total OOP $0.99
Send for $2.99 Single Check Rebate (SCR) 

Before Sale Price for all the above items $120.37
Sale Prices for the items $72.74
The amount I paid by using coupons and Up Rewards $14.69
I also have $5.00 +Up Rewards left and a $2.99 SCR on the way.

note: I did not go in Rite Aid and do all these transactions at one time.  I live close to a Rite Aid and stopped in on different days to do each transactions.  I would not want to be in line behind someone who was trying to do 4 separate transactions and rip +UP rewards off their receipts so I don't do it to others.  I would get too flustered anyway and would probably mess up my savings.

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